Android App Development

To date we have developed the following two Android apps, currently available on Google Play Store. Texperion has worked in conjunction with a partner to market the apps under the UK registered company, Chrisanthemum Ltd.
Texperion has been responsible for all of the coding for both apps.

  • MailSize
  • VirtualRuler

MailSize UK

MailSize UK is a postal app that calculates postage costs based on Royal Mail UK rates, and tells the user how to save money by keeping letter/parcel weights and dimensions below the band limits.
Huge savings are possible by making small adjustments to size and/or weight, and the app highlights this.
The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Get MailSize UK on Google Play


VirtualRuler allows the user to measure the size of an object without the use of a ruler or tape-measure.
The app uses the camera app of the device to take an image of the object next to/on top of/below a control object that almost everyone will have on their person, such as a coin, or credit card etc.
The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Get VirtualRuler on Google Play

Further details of these apps can be found on the Chrisanthemum site: