• HTML5 added new elements (semantic, attributes), Canvas, SVG, audio/video, and some very useful APIs for geolocation, localStorage, sessionStorage, Web Workers and Drag & Drop
  • The Bootstrap (HTML,CSS, Javascript/jQuery) toolkit is used in all of our new projects, to create responsive sites
  • Serverside Javascript is provided in some projects by Node.js
  • Progressive Web Apps provide ways of using Javascript 'behind the scenes' without degrading performance

SSE - Server Sent Events

SSEs are good for updating elements on a web page where data does not need to be sent from the client.
They push data generated on the server to the web page via a uni-directional channel using HTTP, at a determined frequency.

They are a good alternative to Polling and Web Sockets (which provide full duplex communications between the server and the client) for simpler tasks.