.Net-C#-SQL Overview

The main .Net Framwework project was the creation of a large e-commerce real estate/services website using ASP.Net Webforms for presentation, C# objects for business logic and SQL server for persistence.

The project allowed clients to create and manage user accounts, and then enter data and images to market properties and services on the site.

The main server was IIS, and we were responsible for all aspects of site creation and coding including importing of XML data from a third party, to populate the database with properties for sale and rental.

Coding involved standard tasks of security, client authentication and authorisation, data validation, data storage, persistence, XML, image manipulation etc.

Developer Environment and Servers

We have used Visual Studio for .Net Framework design and coding for many years now and continue to use it for standalone desktop C# projects as well as web application creation.

We have used various versions of IIS and SQL Server on windows machines locally and in the cloud to develop projects under this framework.